Thursday, September 15, 2005

MAX the envelope and such

Exhibit infinity of a bad first blog, coming your way right here, so pardon me if I dispense with the formalities.

I like to listen to and hear what others have to say a lot more than I like to write it, even if I have inhabited a past life as a writer of sorts. I suppose I'll get used to it and jump on this just like any other sort of technology.

But the immediate purpose of this blog is to document my status with and share the experience of diving into MAX/MSP with my New School classmates.

So on that note...
After the first week, not a whole lot to report. Following the instructions of the tutorials is pretty straightforward and this pretty much mirrors what we were covering early on in my MAX workshop at Harvestworks, which was painfully brief. Like any software, especially programming languages, the time I spend screwing around and making patches is going to teach me a lot more than these examples, but that's part of what this class is for, giving me the deadlines and impetus to do something with this program instead of just thinking about it.

I'm sure that some real inquiries will develop as I continue here.

Until then...

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