Monday, October 31, 2005


I think I had my breakthrough today in building the midterm patch. I hope it's complex enough to merit its status as a major project for me. I was having some difficulty due to not having voices to work with and having to work in the abstract. I'll be collecting more voices to input on Wednesday before I finish this all up.

Where I had been thinking of actually editing word-by-word in Pro Tools, I decided I'd use the VocAlign plug-in to time-align voices for each story-bank, so that verbal flow is more seamless and the switching is not dependent on samples butting up against one another and sounding more jerky than necessary. As of right now, I'm switching at random between voices using selector~. I wonder if there might be a good or interesting way to control the switch rate (metro-banging a random object right now that is static at 200 ms).

Now, I just have to build the bank/story-selection portion of this patch. Next couple days should be plenty of time for this.

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