Wednesday, November 09, 2005

back in action

Cycling 74 are good people. Gave dude a couple months' extension while the ITP / Parsons folks sort out the group purchase. Now, I can breathe a little easier and get my semester's work done without any issues, aside from my own motivation.

I never really gave a rundown of my midterm patch. Those in my class got to see it, but for an explanation, what it is, is a Random Voice Switcher that takes several readings of news stories from a day's issue of a paper, and blends them together. Stories are selectable from a drop-down box, and activated via space bar (though a bug in it currently means that, after first playback, you have to press spacebar twice to play -- I gotta figure that out). Also, as an added bonus, one can deactivate the random switching, and mess with the levels on one's own, which can be great fun.

I'd like to add tweaking like modulations, filters and more as user-controlled functions from the main patch page, and the idea is that this patch will do accomplish two things:

1) It will be part of a process of randomly generating the design for a climactic portion of Lindsay's Metro dance piece, in which voices upon voices reading five-six different stories will be heard at once.

2) When finished, It will be installed in the lobby of the performance space for this piece, for performance attendees to explore their own readings of the Metro stories and for them to hear in their own way what will take/has taken place on stage.

As a note to classmates (do y'all actually read these?), I liked seeing where everyone else in class was with their MAX midterms. Everyone is doing some interesting things and coming from their own unique angles, displaying the use of different ideas and functions in MAX. I think there is great potential for us all to learn a lot from one another...

Monday, November 07, 2005


I wish the crew getting the MAX authorizations would get on with it, already. This is taking far too long. Right now, I'm out of luck, and demo days. :(