Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where it's at

I'm in edit mode now, slimming down all the files from the subway field recordings to around 2 minutes and trying to get rid of annoying windy plosives and mic handling noise, as best I can. Given the choice I will probably go out and re-record the first (Bklyn) leg of the F-train map with softie but I am going to use what I have because of 1) time and 2) impending MTA strike.

The F-train sonic subway map is coming along, I emailed the max list for the first time requesting some help, because, well, poly~ is just so damned big, and I want to use it to my advantage. I found that last time I probably programmed things in a less streamlined fashion and could probably do better to make this one smoother, more interchangeable parts and less monolithic and stodgy. I think poly~ is the answer with its allowance of multiple iterations of one patcher but I need to understand fully how to interface it with a bunch of samples that I want to be ongoing, in stasis and not activated by the interactivity -- rather, I want them opened and closed.

Time to get back to figuring it out.

Sorry for not keeping up with you, blog.

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