Thursday, March 02, 2006

caught in the webbing

So after a few years of not having a web presence, I've made the crucial step of purchasing my own space at It doesn't look like much yet, because design is still in the process. But I can promise that when it's done, it'll have a pretty decent survey of what I've done, a CV and the integration of ongoing projects.

I'm hoping that Tom from 1000 Year Plan, who also happens to be a pretty good friend, can help me make my web presence a big next step. He's already designed my Sonic Subway Map page / proposal for the Media Space|Public Space event. With any luck the jury will see his work as highlighting the best of my work and this thing gets an audience.

I'm not certain what direction this blog will take as my already strained web energies get diverted into the company page. Perhaps it will be more vertically integrated into that context and leave Blogger. We'll see. For now, I'm excited.