Monday, February 20, 2006

Unfaithfulness to blog = productivity

As usual, I'm hitting one of those deadlines and having fun doing it. This time, it's a score for Jeff Cioletti's Galaxy's End: Revenge of the Myth, a documentary mostly about Star Wars nerds aficionados and just what they're going to do with their lives now that there's nothing to live for. As with most of these kinds of projects, the creative spark has taken a while to hit. Now it's just coming along effortlessly.

Other projects and plans are on the horizon. Having the studio set up semi-permanently at home has proven to be a real boon for work. I've really been focusing on the design for the VIA Metro project, which is going to be absolutely fantastic. New School work continues, though a real drought with regard to my thesis needs to be quenched, and soon, if I am to have a proposal in to begin work for the fall.

Hearkening back to this humble blog's beginnings, I'm having the MAX/MSP Sonic Subway Map entered for consideration for the Media Space|Public Space exhibition. My good friend Tom Yagielski is designing a site that will showcase the project's strengths and downplay its weaknesses. That proposal is due on March 3, so as usual I'm running down to the wire.

Long term project planning includes a new band with some good friends (who happen to be fantastic musicians), and, finally, a website for Mt. Rainier Audio to establish a real presence "out there" for my work.

Speaking of work, best to return to it...