Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this is what i saw. this is what i saw.

the sky was pink-lavender tonight
like I'd never seen.

faint traces of yesterday's billowing black
yielding to Orwell/Barbie monochrome
like I'd never seen.

for a short instant:

a rainbow pouring out of an
(1BR [only] $500K)
making promises of a future
at the

for somebody.

far away [but not really] over the cement-lot ballgame
ruins chain-smoking themselves to


ready to yield to the phoenix of luxury
soon to rise from the ashes

I'm breathing this in.
I'm taking it all in.

the neighbors are back,
collecting their belongings.

the across-the-street windows are no longer glowing
no one is screaming.

they are just taking it all in.
they are just breathing it all in.

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