Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So far, so good as I work my way through the tutorials for MSP and the MIDI elements of MAX. MIDI has always kind of mystified me a bit, even though I've had plenty of experiences setting it up for others' use, so I can appreciate this turn through it.

On a side note, today I finished mixing "Terry Sanford and the New South." It's a relief that it's over, I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity and it's been a fantastic start to a new aspect of my audio career in mixing for picture / post-production.

On the subject of documentaries that are just pretty rad to watch, the new Scorsese Dylan doc "No Direction Home" was stunning. It definitely merits repeated viewing, and is so comprehensive in its coverage of the 60s folk scene that Dylan was born out of and later turned his back on. While it owes a lot to the Pennebaker "Don't Look Back" picture, the recent Dylan interview footage is fantastic, and there are some other real nuggets (the Ginsburg interview, very rare JFK/Oswald footage and studio stories) that really set it apart. It was also pretty interesting to see where it diverged from "Chronicles," and what different stories were told in each bio. I'm not much of a salesman, but seriously, go get it from Netflix or buy it.

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