Sunday, September 25, 2005

Work, Agora, Work, Work

The Production Intensive class is living up to its name and I'm finding I have to draw upon some old, old foundations to help some of the students understand audio principles. A LOT of class time here, I really hope it's worth it -- and I really hope that the students are learning. So far we have spent most of the time with video and lighting.

I feel I am rapidly falling behind with MAX as I'm just not spending enough time on it. Tonight I've got some free time so after this, it's to the MAX patch.

But for the next two days it's a mix that I'm nervous about, the first real full-length doc I've mixed, and even though I have finished most of the work, it feels like there's a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I want to rise to the occasion.

I worked to fill in for a co-worker at Earwax today and wish I hadn't. Feeling drained when the work that I really want to do has not been touched is, for lack of a better word, crappy. I just have to get through this week. I have to.

Found a free moment to at least witness some creativity yesterday. Went to Agora with Jenny and Kevin from the New School. Use of the McCarron Pool space in Greenpoint was definitely cool to see. I am not sure that everything that Noemie LaFrance came up with tied together thematically, and parts of the piece were far too dark in contrast to the show's highlights, which came in an immense wash of color, movement and sound. The space itself was the star, and it shone brightest when it was packed with the full ensemble. The happiest part is that this piece is to serve as a catalyst for the rehabilitation of the space, and with hope, its eventual rebirth as a public pool.

Now: gotta get back to work.

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